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The 2018 Accidental Gourmet Line Up!
Classes are from 3:00-6:00 at the UAA Lucy Cuddy Center

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 Class 1 : February 11

We start of this year with Executive Chef Paul Spadora  from ESS Support Services Worldwide – they provide catering services in 50 countries around the world and in Alaska they are the culinary talent behind the AK Railroad, The Arctic Oilfield Hotel, and many other remote mining, oil & gas locations.

 Class 2: February 18

Next we continue with our founding Executive Chef Patrick Hoogerhyde, Managing Partner of The Bridge Seafood & Catering. He consistently delights our classes with new & challenging techniques and recipes.. We can’t wait to see what he has in store this year!

Class 3 : February 25

We continue our adventures with Chef Amy Foote, from Nana Management Services.  In addition to running a local healthcare campus, has a passion for local and foraged cuisine.  She will be sharing the bounty of the harvest in Alaska!

Class 4: March 4

We conclude our adventures Chef Billy Roberson, from Nana Management Services who has cooked his way around the U.S.  He brought his passion to Alaska in 2011.  He will share some of the food he grew up cooking in South Louisiana and South Mississippi.

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