The Zonta Yellow Rose Foundation

The Zonta Yellow Rose Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit and all funds raised are placed in this account, making all your donations tax deductible. 30% of funds are sent to Zonta International to help fund our international projects and 70% are kept in the State of Alaska.

Here are our annual fundraising events.


The Accidental Gourmet

Zonta’s Accidental Gourmet is celebrating its twelfth year of the popular cooking class series which allow hands on participation at the University of Alaska’s real-life training kitchen.

Founded by Chef Patrick Hoogerhyde, the winner of the 2002 Chef of the Year award, Chef Patrick continues to provide support with new chefs and technical direction. Our guest chefs have selected some of the best recipes from all over the world and are preparing to bring them to you including handmade sushi, homemade hamburgers, crème brulee and many other delicious recipes and cooking techniques.

Each class begins with a brief talk about the food to be prepared that night, a review of the recipes, interesting facts and then the fun begins! Naturally, you get to eat your hard work when all courses are complete but you won’t have to lift your finger to clean a single pot or pan.