OONIPAK for January 2015

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a joyful holiday season and that your 2015 has started off on the right foot. The year is off to a running start for our Club! We have many things coming up for all of us to get involved in. First is one of our signature fundraising efforts “Accidental Gourmet”. This will be our 12th year putting on these classes. We need to get them filled so tell all your family and friends. Class dates are February 8, 15, 22 and March 1…

The full OONIPAK can be found here : Zonta Newsletter – Jan 2015

The September Oonipak

September is here! I hope that you all enjoyed your summer and our abbreviated meeting schedule over the last few months. With the arrival of the fall, Zonta ramps back up into full gear and there are many activities for us to get ready for. Right now we are collecting items for AWAIC and Covenant House (see item list below) for the District Service Project.

There is a lot of need and we can help, check out the September Oonipak for details. SEPT. 2014 Newsletter

Sorting for First Book

A number of Zontians turned out for the First Book Book Sorting – Pat Jarrett, Rosemary Dunn, Alice Ramsey, Monica Lowman & Thomas Lowman to name a few. Everyone had a good time sorting books for schools around the state and made new friends. Alice worked with a girl who is a sophomore in high school and wants to apply to be a foreign exchange student. She does a lot of volunteering here in Anchorage and has gone to Australia for three weeks with a group she is part of. It is nice to see young people being involved with the community.

Jane M. Klausmann Scholarship

scholarship-awardMagen James was the 2013 winner of the Anchorage Zonta Club’s Jane M. Klausmann scholarship. She attended the July luncheon meeting and was presented with her check for $250. Magen plans to finish her MBA inn 2014. Her application has been forwarded to the District 8 scholarship committee. If she is awarded the District 8 scholarship, her application will be forwarded to the International

Committee. Congratulations, Magen and Good Luck!

Hundreds in Anchorage observe Women’s Day

A crowd of several hundred was on hand March 6th at the BP Energy Center in Anchorage, Alaska to celebrate the Inaugural Class of 50 women inducted into the Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame.  The date was deliberately chosen to coincide with Zonta Yellow Rose Day and International Women’s Day. The number of inductees was selected to commemorate Alaska’s 50th birthday.  The women honored have made or are making significant contributions to shape the 49th state.  The Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame mission is to honor women, in perpetuity, whose contributions have influenced the direction of Alaska in all fields, including, but not limited to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, health, the humanities, native affairs, philanthropy, community service, conservation, adventure, theology and science and reached across several centuries and all of Alaska.  Spearheaded by members from the Zonta Club of Anchorage, representatives of Alaska Women’s Network, the Anchorage YWCA, the Alaska Women’s Political Caucus, the Anchorage Women’s Commission and University of Alaska Anchorage all worked together to select the honorees and plan the induction ceremony.

The honorees and their accomplishments are highlighted in a website –

Zontian featured in KTUU News story on VINE Anniversary

Longtime members will also recall that the murder victim, Evangeline Landers, was a former president of our club. Joerene Hout is a current board member.

Victim notification system tracks offenders, in its tenth year

by Ashton Goodell

Friday, May 29, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — For years victims relied solely on prosecutors and victims advocates to keep updated, but for the past decade they’ve been able to keep track of offenders online or by phone.  The Victim Information and Notification Everyday, or VINE, marked its 10 years of service this week.

Vine has helped Joerene Hout, who is a victim and a witness to murder.  She was there when her best friend died. “My best friend Evangeline Landers was murdered by her husband,” said Hout.  Keith Landers had a long history of domestic violence.  “I had been afraid for a year that he was going to kill her,” Hout said. “But I always felt that if I was there he won’t do anything.”

Landers put a handgun to Hout’s forehead, she flinched and the bullet grazed the side of her head.  Hout heard her friend scream and then a shot.  “It’s amazing how alone you can feel,” Hout said. “My friends didn’t know whether they should talk to be about it they kind of tip toed around me, which is the wrong thing to do. It’s best to get it out and talk about it.”

Hout says it’s difficult to keep up with justice system, and at times she has nightmares that the man who tried to kill her might try again.  She found some comfort keeping tabs on her friend’s killer through VINE.  “You wake up in the middle of the night and feel panicky you go to the computer, log in and you can see okay everything is fine,” said Hout. “He’s safely tucked away in jail and it starts giving you a feeling of control, it’s the beginning of some control.”

The VINE system calls or emails victims when an offender is released, transfers, or escapes from prison.

“So that they can keep track of where the offenders are. If they are incarcerated or if they are out into the community,” said Gail Brimmer with VINE. “That way it makes the victims feel safe and gives them time to come up with a plan if the offender is going to be released.”

Anyone can register for a VINE notification either by phone at 1-800-247-9763 or at

Contact Ashton Goodell at